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Franklin & Marshall College

Lancaster, PA

Franklin and Marshall College (富兰克林马歇尔学院) 坐落在宾州兰开斯特市,与纽约、费城、华盛顿车程皆在3小时以内, 地理位置优越,是一所以 “ 亲华 ” 闻名的优秀文理学院。2003年被美国新闻报评为 “最平易近人教授”全美第一名。据一名学生介绍,她每天都有时间和教授做私下交流,而且无需提前预约,这种紧密的师生交流在综合大学几乎是无法想象的。学院的理科很出名,艺术、历史也不错,而且有在文理学院中非常罕见的商院,亦是实力不菲。学院非常鼓励学生做课题研究和外出实习,受益于学校每年50万美元的经费支持,三分之二的学生都直接参与到研究中来。学校招生办主任非常喜欢中国,其录取中国学生人数在文理学院中排名前三,且大多数是纯大陆背景,而且学校非常慷慨,大多数学生有1万至2万的奖/助学金。 

Franklin and Marshall College, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is an excellent liberal arts college. It is popular in China for its favor with Chinese students. It enrolls one of the largest amounts of Chinese students in all liberal arts colleges and gives out generous scholarships and financial aids each year. Franklin and Marshall distinguishes itself by “doing” the liberal arts. The faculty was ranked #1 in the nation for their accessibility by Princeton Review in 2003. As a student said, she has regular time to communicate with her professor every day, even without having to make an appointment. The college pays much attention on students' research by supporting $500,000 fund to it per year and holding fall and spring Research Fairs to highlight student-professor research collaboration. F&M also have more than 10 centers and institutes to provide exciting opportunities, especially studying abroad, in which students could put the liberal arts into practice. Historically, F&M is strong in natural sciences and enjoys an excellent reputation for preparing undergraduates for medical school, law school, and others. Beyond academics, students also get number of opportunities to enrich themselves and examine their own world view in their College House System, such as House-sub governments and film festivals.