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Grinnell College

Grinnell, IA

在美国中西部的大草原上,Grinnell College (格林奈尔学院) 坐落于“全美最美好的小镇”之一的爱荷华州Grinnell镇。该校创建于1846年,在校生约为1600多人,环境优美、雅致、安全。Grinnell致力于以本土化的方式帮助学生获得全球化的教育,既培养学生们对于学校和社区强烈的意识,又鼓励学生去探知和了解大千世界。格林奈尔的学生们被亲切的称为Grinnellians(格林奈尔人),学校师生比例为1:8,学生和教师有很多交流机会,学生受到的关注也更多。该校被《华尔街时报》评为美国排名前15的法学院、商学院、医学院的 “ 生源基地 ” 。学院具有深厚的平等主义氛围与历史,该校是密西西比河以西第一所录取非洲裔美国人和女性学生的学校。作为全美国最有钱的文理学院之一 , Grinnell在学业上一掷千金,所以所有同学都是享受到了几乎是最好的教学设施。 Grinnell是Division III运动比赛中的先锋,学校的男子篮球队在国内享有声誉,并且学校的男子越野,网球,男女游泳和女子足球经常夺得多项比赛的冠军。

Located on the Iowa prairie, Grinnell College is a national and international liberal arts college committed to graduating students. Grinnell offers a decidedly local approach to a global education, where the focus is both on nurturing a strong sense of community while encouraging students to explore and understand the world. Grinnell students are affectionately known as “Grinnellians.” With a strong history of egalitarianism, Grinnell was the first college west of the Mississippi River to admit African-Americans and women. True to its liberal arts focus, Grinnell has a special first-semester writing tutorial, modeled after Oxford University's program, but does not require anything else. The more than 30 tutorials, limited to 12 students each class, help to enhance critical thinking, writing and discussion skills of the students. The students at Grinnell College usually determine their own course of study with help from faculty. Strong departments include the natural sciences and foreign languages, including German and Russian. It is rare to find classes with more than 50 students, and the vast majority of classes have 30 or fewer. The Grinnell Pioneers compete in the Division III athletic conference, and the men's basketball team has won national attention. Several teams have brought home championships recently, including men's cross-country, tennis, and men's and women's swimming, and women's soccer.

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