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Swarthmore College

Swarthmore, PA

Swarthmore College (斯沃斯摩尔学院) 375英亩的校园是国家级的植物园。同时,Swarthmore也是全美学术性最强的大学之一,大家戏说,学生们有时候忙的都没有时间去离学校11英里的费城游玩。虽然学术氛围很强,但是学生们之间的竞争不是很激烈。学校师生比例非常低,85%的课堂上少于25个学生。从课业负担上讲, Swarthmore的学生们必须在人文科学,社会科学和自然科学这3个领域中每个领域修3门课。另外,学生们还需要在自己的专业课之外修20门课程,其中包括外语,体育课,和一个游泳考试。 Swarthmore还为了在学术上想更进一步挑战自己的学生们提供大学中少有的荣誉课程,其中主要由自主学习和小班课堂讨论组成。Swarthmore的校园管理层十分支持学生自主管理,学生们经常参与决策,包括校园打工工资比率。 

Swarthmore's 357-acre campus is a nationally registered arboretum and is also one of the most intellectual colleges in the country. Swarthmore students go to Philadelphia all the time, especially students who are doing internships in the city, going to restaurants, and are taking classes at University of Pennsylvania. While the academic atmosphere is intense, it is not competitive. The students/faculty ratio is quite low, 85 percent of the classes have fewer than 25 students. Students are required to take three courses in three divisions: humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. In addition, students are also required to take 20 courses outside their majors, which include foreign languages, physical education courses and a swimming test. Swarthmore also offers a distinct honors program that includes small seminars and independent study. The administration at Swarthmore is very supportive, and students usually take active roles in many aspects of campus life, such as pay scale of campus workers. 

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