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Union College

Schenectady, NY

Union College (联合学院) 优越的地理位置,让学生可以同时体验到小城镇的悠闲宁静,和历史文化中心纽约州的氛围。联合学院以出色的工科和海外交流项目而闻名。在这里,学生需要非常的投入和刻苦,教授对每个学生的学习情况都非常关心并且对学生有很高的要求。学生和教授、管理层之间有着非常亲密的沟通和交流,整个学生群体也充斥着良好的的集体氛围。联合学院虽以工科文明,但其文理教学依然非常出色, 学校在自然科学、经济学、政治学、心理学等领域有着很强的综合实力。其很多课程都需要大量的论文写作和研究,对学生能力要求很高。

Union College located in Schenectady, NY a perfect location allowing students to experience the leisure of a small town and the excitement of New York State. Union College is renowned for its excellent Engineering and study abroad programs. Students in Union College work very hard, and professor care and have a high standard for students’ academia. The student body, faculties and college management are very close, ensuring a strong democratic community. Union College is not only strong in Engineering, but also have reputation in liberal arts education in general, such as natural science, economics, political science, psychology, etc. There are many writing rich courses provided in Union College, focusing on improving students’ writing skills.