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Williams College

Williams, MA

Williams College (威廉姆斯学院) 成立于1793年,是全美最古老且倍受尊敬的学院之一。目前,学院内共有2180多名学生,来自47个州以及90多个国家。三大学术部门,包括语言和艺术,社会科学,以及数学和自然科学,涵盖25个学系,36个专业,及众多研究课题和特殊项目。得益于全美所有学府中最小的师生比例(7:1),威廉姆斯为本科生做学术研究创造了绝佳环境和条件。40%的学生可直接参与教授的研究项目,而这也使威廉姆斯稳居许多排行的第一,包括国家科学基金会用于博士前研究的奖学金数量、阿普克物理奖。承袭牛津式教育的传统,威廉姆斯的一对二辅导课,即一位教授和两位学生就一个话题深入探讨一学期的精致教育,也是该学院最别致的课程。当然,除了无可比拟的学术外,威廉姆斯也是全美众多学院中对非美国籍公民最慷慨的学校之一,学院会满足所有录取学生的经济上的需求,包括书本费、医疗保险、出国交流的费用、以及放假期间的差旅费,包括每年一次往返学校与家里的交通费用。

Williams College, founded in 1793, is one of the oldest and most respected educational institutions in the United States. The student body comprises 2,180 students from 47 U.S. states and more than 90 countries. There are three academic divisions (languages and the arts, social sciences, and science and mathematics) that encompass 25 departments, 36 majors, and several concentrations and special programs. Fueled by a student-professor ratio of 7:1, the lowest among U.S. colleges, Williams is a powerhouse of undergraduate research. Forty percent of students conduct research with their professors, resulting in a number one ranking among U.S. colleges for both National Science Foundation pre-doctoral fellowships and the Apker Award in Physics. The Williams Tutorial Program is among the College’s most unique academic offerings: modeled on the Oxford University style of education, tutorials pair two students and a professor in deep exploration of a single topic over the course of a semester. In addition to unique and exceptional academics, Williams is one of the most generous U.S. colleges for non-U.S. citizens with financial need, meeting 100% of demonstrated need for all admitted students—regardless of citizenship—and covering the cost of all required textbooks and course materials, health insurance, personal expenses, study abroad, and travel during college breaks, including one round-trip visit home each year.