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Kenyon College

Kenyon, OH

Kenyon College (肯尼恩学院) 坐落在俄亥俄州叫做Gambier的小镇上,是一所风景如画而又能陶冶人性情的作家文理学院,是俄亥俄州最古老的私立高等学院。其面积为1000英亩,有本科生1600人,与Oberlin、Denison等同属于俄亥俄五校联盟(Five College of Ohio) 。校内的学习氛围很好,学生和教授之间、学生和学生之间相当友好并随时会互相提供帮助,因此Kenyon的学术氛围更多的是友好和协助更不是竞争。Kenyon在历史上以培养作家而文明,学校的英语系非常有名,同时整个学校(包括数学等立刻专业)对培养学生的写作能力都非常注重。Kenyon College是全美最古老的文学评论杂志 “Kenyon's Review”的起源地。游泳是Kenyon College的强项,他们的游泳和潜水队在Division III比赛中多次蝉联金奖。 

Kenyon is the oldest private college in Ohio. Each department of Kenyon is fairly strong, and a unique program is a farming independent study, which places students on nearby farms for fieldwork each week. Kenyon is located in a rural town which creates close knit relationship between faculty and students. The school is known for the oldest literary review “Kenyon's review” among the entire country. Kenyon is best-known for English and a distinguished drama program. The swimming is definitely the flagship sport of the school, Kenyon's swimming and diving teams dominate Division III competition, with the men's team having won a record 28 times in a row and the women capturing their 21st title. One of the famous alumni of Kenyon College is Paul Newman who is a famous American actor and humanitarian. 

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