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Barnard College

New York, NY


Barnard College (巴纳德学院) 创立于 1889 年,是一所私立女子高等学校,全美排名第 30 位的文理学院。该校位于纽约市曼哈顿,其面积约为4英亩。1900年并入哥伦比亚大学,仍保留独立的学校董事会和财政机构,有自己的教师、图书馆和与哥伦比亚大学共同享有的设备,但学士学位由哥伦比亚大学授予。课程涉及人文学、社会科学和自然科学,亦提供音乐、戏剧等方面的专门课程。作为哥大的附属学校学生可参加哥伦 比亚大学的许多活动,亦可到哥伦比亚大学听课。

Barnard students get the best of both worlds, the small close-knit atmosphere of a liberal arts school along with limitless opportunities of Columbia College. Barnard students firmly believe in women's education. Barnard's requirements are designed to reflect the changing nature of our technological society, and the fact that graduates are increasingly pursuing law, business and other professions rather than academic careers. Barnard students may cross-register at Columbia if they find more courses of interest there, or enroll in graduate courses in any of Columbia's schools. Barnard's most popular majors are psychology, English, political science, economics and art history. The Barnard Leadership Initiative offers courses in entrepreneurship, political decision-making, and business organization. Barnard athletes compete alongside their peers enrolled at Columbia, and the field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, archery. 

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Only Barnard